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Professional & Confidential, Amazingly Accurate Light Worker In Connecting to Your Loved Ones or Providing Predictive Future Psychic Data, Reasonably Priced. The amount of money KC Lane charges for a reading is not life altering, however the experience has been rated as such by many of her clients.

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Reconnect with Loved Ones Who Have Transitioned from the Earth Dimension

Although no medium can guarantee a connection to a loved one who has left the earth dimension, KC Lane has an amazing track record since 2006 in re-connecting loved ones across the dimensions and helping to bring closure. KC Lane has provided thousands of clients with specific details and many times amazing messages of events occurring real time in the client’s life, reconfirming what KC already knows. Our loved ones visit us often from the other dimension if we think of them often and have a strong bond of love with them still. Even animals have been known to show up in readings.

Psychic Readings Also Offered

KC Lane is also a psychic. She routinely looks in relationships for clients from four different perspectives, reviewing a current relationship, reviewing a relationship which has stalled, reviewing a potential relationship or just looking into your blank future to see what she sees coming.

She also reviews the energy around financial and career decisions, family issues including if children might be born into your life in the future, the potential life path of your child or children, legal issue outcomes, selling property or decisions about moving to a new location. KC Lane is not medically trained and will not discuss health issues and she also does not know and will not discuss when a soul might be transitioning off the earth. She does not believe in curses and does not work in this area, accordingly. She would also caution you about seeing a 'psychic' who does want to remove 'curses'.


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About KC Lane

KC Lane was just born (as some people are) with the ability to see, hear and feel into the other dimension. It runs through her Irish bloodline. Her maternal grandmother’s sister was a very famous medium and tea leaf reader psychic back in her day.

After over 30 years in the technical field, KC Lane left the corporate world to work full time as a medium and psychic. KC Lane tends to be a very logical thinker and applies her analytical skills to understanding and working with data from other dimensions.

Most mediums charge at least $100 an hour and above up to $900 an hour for their services, as the rules of supply and demand does apply. Mediumship is a rare ability. There seem to be only a handful of mediums in all of Baltimore. KC Lane strives to keep her overhead and rates low so she can reach and help more clients. KC Lane began her journey of using her medium abilities after she suffered the loss of her husband in tragic vehicle accident in 2006. Her husband’s frequent visits to her after he left the earth dimension helped her heal from her grief and also helped her develop her abilities further. She holds herself to very high standards of ethics and integrity, professionalism, confidentiality and always strives to provide amazing results by providing unique details about your loved ones she could not possibly know without using her natural abilities. KC Lane will deliver messages from Guides and Angels during life path psychic readings but does not consider messages from Guides and Angels mediumhship. When performing mediumship she strives to provide unique and identifiable data about your loved ones to you as proof of their soul’s continued existence. She uses the analytical skills she was both born with and honed working in the technical field over 30 years to understand and interpret the inter-dimensional data she liaisons on a daily basis. Her client base has been built upon client referrals since 2006 and she now works full time in this field since 2014. She can honestly state after reading for thousands of people from all walks of life she has not had one compliant.

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Thank you for your interest. For questions or comments, please use the information listed here. KC looks forward to hearing from you soon.

KC Lane likes to read 'cold'. Please do not provide detailed information about loved ones you are trying to contact when contacting KC Lane.

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