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  I have had the ability all of life, at least as far back as I can recall as a child growing up in the 60’s, to see ‘spirits’ or ‘earth bound ghosts’ and to hear them via my thought process. It was actually quite frightening to me at times and I felt somewhat isolated by the experiences as my family not only did not have the same experiences, but also did not even seem to believe me. I am sure some of you will read what I have written and not believe it either, as it is quite a remarkable story. I have many remarkable experiences that defy logic as we know, too many to share here. Here I am picking one experience that got me to being a professional medium. 

I did not start using my abilities consistently until after I had a life altering event occur in 2006 when someone very close to me transitioned off the earth very suddenly to the level I now refer to as ‘Heaven Earth’. The loved one then began communicating back to me on a regular basis, including within hours of the fatal accident. I was very comforted by the visits and the happy energy the loved one exuded. I was also fascinated this loved one had predicted a fatal vehicle accident a few days before the event occurred and the prediction sadly came true. I will add I had always known this person would leave the earth via an accident. I did not know the timing. And so as odd as it sounds, it was almost a relief to no longer need to fear this event had occurred each time this person was late getting home, which was quite frequently. I can recall telling the police officer who came to break the news that in my mind he had been there a thousand times, and now at least I did not need to go through that experience any longer. I took some solace in it at the time, as there was not much else to cling to. I had never felt so lost and alone in all of my life.

My life changed in so many ways on that fateful day, and at first I would have given anything to turn back time and change this event. But now I see this event was a catalyst for changes to my life path and my greatest teaching moment. Without this event, I would not have gone on to conduct thousands of readings either in a one on one setting or via larger and larger groups conveying loving and very specific messages from ‘Heaven Earth’ to those here on our level of existence. And I believe, bring comfort to many.

Prior to the accident, I had received a deck of angel symbol cards via by book club that appeared due to my neglect to decline my monthly selection. At first I annoyed as I didn’t want the cards and didn’t know what to do with them. But somehow I started using them in 2006 to give friends and family angel readings, as my loved one had been encouraging shortly before the accident.

After the accident, I found myself with lots of free time unexpectedly and felt he would still want me to pursue these readings so I started offering free readings to anyone who wanted them to fill my time for the next two years around time at my day job. Surprisingly during these readings, loved ones started showing up again giving the person I was reading for messages of comfort also

Since that time, all via word of mouth until August 2014 when I put up this website (with the help of Jay) I have conducted thousands of sessions and during the sessions where loved ones did pay a visit I could visibly notice sometimes a feeling of the person leaving the session much happier than they arrived or received fabulous feedback after the sessions to that effect. I found great satisfaction in this experience, and still do.

In 2014 I made a decision to leave the corporate world I had worked in since the 70s mostly as an analyst to pursue being a psychic medium full time. I now work in very different world but have worked between two worlds for quite some time now. I have applied my analytical skills to trying to understand what most of us term ‘the afterlife’ and trying to hone and improve my abilities to do so as this work seems to be my calling in life. I did not set out in life to be a psychic medium although I have since learned the ability does run in my mother’s Irish bloodline and my Irish Grandmother’s sister Aunt Katie was a very well known tealeaf reader and medium in Ireland.

And now I find myself carrying on the family tradition. I have a great deal of passion for this work, and am constantly finding different venues of study to improve and enjoy and value each and every session and very much appreciate each and every referral.

You cannot do this work alone. I am well supported as a Light Worker by my Guides and Higher Power on the Higher Dimension, and my life partner Al and my son Rob who have been great supporters of my life choice here on this Earth. I am very grateful for this support. And for Jay constructing this website and George and Denise Winterling for letting me share their space.

The story has a happy ending as meanwhile my loved one has moved on in his level of existence and enjoys a girlfriend, a boat, golf, singing in bars, partying, playing with your dogs who are now with him and also has a blue sports car he enjoys driving among other favorite activities.

The partner I am with now actually broke off a long term relationship he was in at the time on the same night at almost the exact moment my husband left this earth physically, although we did not meet for another 18 months. So clearly the Fates were again aligning destiny.

Thank you for your interest in my story and my services.


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